A tool in the hands of the parents; a game in the hands of the child – just had to see the day of light so that we could at least try to prevent another Paul from dying so tragically. “Millionaire in the making” will not be sold from the shelves of supermarkets and chain stores. Each acquisition of this product will be accompanied by a professional representative, specially trained to make sure that no child or parent misses out on the intended value. We aim to facilitate the parents’ efforts to rear a well-rounded – drug-free individual.


  • Money wisdom
  • Responsibility
  • Ambition
  • Discipline
  • Avoiding drugs
  • Choosing friends wisely

Getting money to work for you

The ultimate lesson that you want to teach the very young, is that if you really want to become rich, instead of working for money you should get money to work for you. With this in mind, children should learn that whatever you earn, a portion of it should be saved so that eventually it could be invested(Getting money to work for you). The three investment vehicles displayed on the merit chart. (1. Tax free investment 2. Satrix 3. Unit trust) are three very good ways to teach your children how to start getting money to work for them. For more information on these methods, please refer to any reputable investment company.

Very important information for parent/mentor

Loving your child is a vital ingredient of this game. Remember children always respond to parental stimuli (Negative or Positive) so your involvement should be part of the responsibility when acquiring this game.