Background Story

At 29, Paul was dead…

I remember it well, knocking on their door for the first time. Somebody had informed me that this single mother was in the market for an insurance policy. I was there to see if I could be of value to them.

When she opened the door, my eyes immediately fell on Paul, the six-year-old. He was sitting on the couch. Before I could say anything, he said to me, “Uncle, what do you want in our house?” To “disarm” him, I took a few sweets out of my pocket. Handing it to him, I said, “I brought you some sweets.” Eventually, we became very good friends. From time to time I ran in there to see how things were going with the family. Then I retired.

Many years later, I found myself in the same area. I decided to pay them a visit. When his mother opened the door and she saw that it was me, she just burst into tears – uncontrollably. Through all her sorrow-stricken emotions I eventually learned that Paul had taken to drugs. Things became so bad that he eventually overdosed.

At 29 Paul was dead.

Surely, a child’s life should not be wasted like this. It dawned upon me that there was a need for a solution that every parent could make use of. Millionaire In The Making aims to help parents prevent their children from becoming involved in drugs and at the same time teaches sound financial life skills and values.