Developing your child into the “champions” they deserve to be is our responsibility as well as yours.

Nurtures Money Wisdom

Money wisdom plays such an important role in our lives and as such, nurturing its value should be introduced from an early age. People who end up wealthy, end up living in comfort; but most importantly, they end up in a position to add to the betterment of the world. This game succeeds at exactly doing that.

Helps to Avoid Substance Abuse

No stone should be left unturned in your efforts to educate your child not to become involved in substance abuse. Their world, as well as yours, will come to a tragic end. This life skill aid that has especially been designed with children in mind, will enhance whatever you are doing to accomplish this.

Develops Responsibility

When your children are motivated to accept responsibility without any duress, then they are on their way to becoming successful adults. This life skill aid has been cleverly evolved to install this very important trait in a very unobtrusive, playful way.

Helps Them To Choose Friends Wisely

Picking the wrong friends, could destroy all the good values that you are attempting to install. This game, very subtly, goes about teaching them the importance of making good choices, so that it can add to their lives.

Fosters Ambition

Ambitious people can add growth to their own lives (as well as to the world). The child is encouraged (in a very healthy way) to adopt this trait as a natural segment of their personality.

Cultivates Discipline

A very difficult habit to install in anyone. This whole concept is centred around achieving this personality trait within the child, without them even realising how disciplined they are becoming.

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